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Special Projects

For this commisioned job I started with 108 self portraits by famous artists, Everyone from Picasso to Man Ray, from DaVinci to Dr. Seuss, from Titian and Caravaggio to Pollack and Manet and everyone in between. I scanned them and then "painted," in Photoshop, the rest of their bodies, carefully matching the style of the original self portrait. Then I put them all in a room together. The entire photo/illustration/montage is 15 feet wide, printed on canvas and framed. I also put dabs of oil paint on afterwards to give it that classic cheesy "enhanced print" look. Among the other big projects commissioned by this client was a 6 foot long fountain pan which serves as a fountain; an all illustrated billboard advertising the famous concept car designed for Studebaker by Raymond Loewy: The Avanti; a 6 foot diameter globe made of oyster shells; and hundreds of other one-of-a-kind paintings, sculptures, and installations.

A 4-foot tall fiberglass sculpture of a human head encrusted with 10,000 quarters ($2,500) and topped with a fedora made from 10 lb sculpting foam and felt. it hangs in the reception area of the clients company "headquarters." The entire surface was sealed in a coating of clear epoxy resin to prevent vandalism.

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