About Me

Professional Background

My experience in a wide variety of industries and job capacities, from electronics draftsman and technical illustrator, to ad agency art director and prepress production assistant has been invaluable in helping my clients achieve their objectives. My early years as a professional stage actor and working studio musician (trumpeter, composer, arranger band leader) taught me to work in a creative environment and appreciate the importance of teamwork. My clients know they can bring me their conceptual ideas and I'll understand their needs, so together we can come up with a game plan. I've been called a problem solver but I don't see it that way because, to me, there are no problems, just people waiting to reach their goals. I see to it they don't wait very long.

Personal Background

My parents once told me that, of all their children, they understood me the least and they weren’t prepared to deal with someone who didn’t think the way everyone else did. But they said it in such a loving and supportive way that I took is as a compliment and after that I prided myself on being unique. It inspired me to pursue my creative visions with confidence. As I grew older I began to appreciate the importance of being able to incorporate my peculiar brand of thinking into the mainstream because my parents were the only ones who had a reason to try to understand me. The task at hand was to find a way to present new ideas to people in a way that they would want to understand i.e. to connect with an audience.

Over the years I’ve pulled in the reins on my creativity just enough to still be unique, but be commercially viable as well. In so doing I became a graphic designer because those same principles can be applied to advertising in that it’s all about finding a way to reach people and explain, in their language, something they have never heard of before.

What makes true innovation so elusive is that it doesn't exist until it's been given the chance it doesn't yet deserve.



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