Fine Art

Fly Timing Day—18" x 24" Acrylic and Ink on Masonite. From my most recent body of work called "Inked Oozings." The painting is done in a two-step process, the first of which is a brushless method of applying and manipulating color which I've spent many years developing. The paint is applied and allowed to marble and flow under controlled conditions. The heaviest elements are applied first, so as the paint dries, they burst to the surface through the darker pigments which are lighter in weight and create infinitesimal filaments, ghosting, gradients and webbing patterns that have an organic quality. Strange formations emerge as the paint seems to paint itself. The hit and miss process has a low yield rate but over the years, through careful observation and refinement of the process, I've increased the ratio of keepers to failures while raising my standards. The result is what I call an "oozing" as I liken the process to that which evolution uses to create life from primordial ooze. In the second stage I draw over the naturally smooth leveled surface with black permanent ink to achieve an "inked oozing." These paintings are extremely difficult to do at large sizes but I've managed several 24" by 36" pieces.

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