History of Humor
The word humor, at one time was used to describe mental and physical health. The health of an individual was determined by the balance of the four bodily humors, or fluids: black bile, yellow bile, blood, and phlegm. Of course in those days there was no better entertainment for the whole family than a good beheading and it was politically correct to keep deformed people in cages and charge money to laugh at them.  

Humor for Sale
Today humor primarily refers to things that are funny and that’s how the term is being used here. But it’s interesting to note the historic meaning when considering how important humor is in advertising and entertainment in general. That’s why one of the services I offer is humorous writing for various commercial applications.

My Humorous Background

Having come from laughing stock my family has always taken joking very seriously,  producing such comedic works as, “Sarcasm...Wow it’s so great” by Joe V. L. Cabarga and “First Degree Man’s Laughter” by Ima Kidder-Cabarga.

I’ve upheld this family tradition by working with and writing for several stand-up comedians such as, Steve Mittleman, for whom I also illustrated and co-wrote a comic strip (which has yet to achieve syndication but that’s not what’s important) and by authoring (single-handedly as of mid ’08) the high-ranked humor blog, Goldminds Unwind which has recently become the not-quite-as-high-ranked (but give it time) Numbsain’s Unwind:

Styles of Humor and their Commercial Uses
I offer humor of a variety of styles and magnitudes ranging from the irreverent, controversial, and outrageous kind of humor that can ruin a marriage to the subtly clever, tongue-in-cheek type that can get a balding, overweight, middle-aged man a date with a really hot young babe. Which, if applied in that order, works out pretty well!
Now, for an unlimited time always, I can be called upon to:

  • infuse your ad copy with just the right amount of wit to boost sales and get people talking about your product.
  • Add a few jokes to liven up a speech by researching the audience you’re targeting and   tailoring the gags specifically to appeal to that crowd without offending anyone.
  • Make up a memorable slogan or one-liner for your headline, corporate image or blog-
  post title.

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