Graphic Design

Design and Illustration: The Missing Link

Graphic Design, for me, is an extension of illustration and I treat every design as though it were illustration, except I don't charge as much. A lot of designs need to be laid out in a drawing program so that the illustrated elements, typography, and photos are seemlessly integrated. This way things can overlap and all the elements can interract with each other in a more natural way. Layout programs tend to make you think modularly with elements confined to text boxes and picture boxes.

Technical and Scientific Design

Design can also mean organizing information in a way that optimizes its clarity and explains a complex concept. This type of design requires an approach that has very little to do with aesthetics, but when done skillfully, a well organized map, scientific chart, diagram, assembly or instruction manual can be very pleasing to the eye in it's functional perfection. Having been a electronics circuit board designer and electronics draftsman early in my career I bring that skill-set to my current work and include many types of technical design and illustration in my list of abilities.

• Astronomy and other science posters, charts, and
  maps (see home page, upper right)
• Assembly instructions and product manuals
• Technical drawings and schematics
• Forms and worksheets
• Diagrams, cross-section and cut-away views.
• Mechanical spec-sheets
• Operating manuals and user guides
• Anatomical illustrations for medical documents
• Educational posters, iIlustrations, books
  and moreperiodic table artist, science poster designer, educational illustrator, Technical artwork A periodic table of elements

Design in Nature

Styles change, technology advances, the face of art itself has been reinvented thousands of times but the principles of good graphic design remain a constant because they're based on how the mind works and the laws of physics that govern the universe. When I see a tree, or an animal, or even a natural geological formation, I always marvel at the perfection and beauty of its design.

When I'm designing I try to keep my mind relaxed so that I can emulate the efficiency and clarity of nature's designs.

cartoon illustrator, comic cover art, humorous book cover designer, funny illustration, funny artworkThe cover of my yet-to-be-published book of illustrated humor.

product packaging designer, pakage graphics, product brand design, package labeling, label, food product design , herbal holistic graphics artist

A package design for an herbal internal cleanse kit distributed by an herbologist/ holistic practitioner.

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