After 15 years as art director for two national ad agencies, I'm now offering the following services as freelance: Graphic Design, Illustration, & Writing. 

Book Coverillustrated and co-authored with an acupoint massage therapist who supplemented my knowledge of holistic medicine with his expertise in Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Candy MontageA 5 foot square portrait of recording artist Eminem made entirely out of nearly 10,000 M&Ms in 18 of the available 21 colors on display in a mega-candy store on Hollywood Blvd. 

Candy MontageA 27" x 40" portrait of Jimmy Kimmel made of Jelly Beans was also commissioned by the candy store for a filming of the show there. The piece was completed in 2 days.

optical illusion art, fine art, interesting fine art, geometric art, oil painted sculpture

Unstable Worlda 20 sided geometric solid (icosahedron) with a continuous oil-painted landscape on the outside. A viewing portal reveals an optical illusion interior created from parabolic mirrors, reverse  perspective models and many unusual materials. Hidden semi-transparent panels allow outside light into the interior realm. This is the largest piece of a body of work called "Hedrons"

 fabrication spec drawing, draftsman, drafting, plastic fab spec artist, scematic, construction spec drawing

Fabrication Specs for a plastic structureThe piece was first modeled in cardboard, then spec'd out for a plastic fabricator indicating exact dimensions and tolerances

product labels, cigar band artwork, cigar band designer, small product packaging, mini product artwork


Cigar BandsI submitted 5 designs, the one the client chose will be available in stores soon.

pixel art, pixel drawing, online poker artwork miniature illustration online game designer

Online Poker—the cards and chips were drawn pixel by pixel.

Bookmarkspromoting an independant film.

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